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Ellipse Residence
Mohamad Adib | Zone D, Tripoli - Lebanon
Conceptual Design

This project adopts the new architectural techniques and design language to build the “new generation of habitat building”. The layout emphasizes on the integration and mixture of different architectural styles in the community, trying to perform an atmosphere with more nature, and more sense of timing and more humanity. This project occupies a good geographical position, presents a noble and elegant feeling, pays great attention to the organic combination of building layout and natural environment, and adopts the concise modernism style. The building façade is made of white glass establishing a dialogue with the exterior, and allowing as much natural light as possible into the dwellings. The continuity is ensured through a careful selection of materials (glass, aluminium, composite panel, wood,and steel) and colors blue, silver and white. The walls are built with transparent glass with a great variety of densities of ceramic to ensure a suitable level of transparency and definition of the surfaces. The transperancy of the glass ensures the visual continuity between the outdoor and the indoor and a panoramic view.


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