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Damam Towers
El Hadara Construction | Damam, Damam - KSA
Conceptual Design

A multi-use complex located in dammam saudi-arabia. This building has many facilities such as offices, hotel, mall, with a huge parking place surrounding the whole complex. It consists of two large buildings facing each other which architectural design reflects the requirement of functions and environment. The room program aims at realizing both the demands of privacy and social activities connected with living accommodation. A large part of the design focused on creating special spaces for community life and relations without losing privacy, the overall project adopts the modern style with the ultimate facilities. This project takes full consideration of the forward-looking and landmark significance and gets over the conventional thinking of the design. The residents enjoy their life here as if they were staying in a resort hotel it gives a sort of leisurely life style. This is a new typed residential area with complete facilities and beautiful scenery.


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