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Al Andalus Hotel
Hadara Construction | Airport Road, Damam - KSA

The project adopts the Persian style, emphasizes the building construction scale and pays more attention to the material collocation to create the warm homeland Persian feeling. The building is designed as a grid of key-locks windows according to the Persian architectural style which makes use of abundant symbolic geometry, using pure forms such as the circle and square, and plans are based on often symmetrical layouts featuring rectangular courtyards and halls. This structural solution of a grid stone shear walls allows the building layouts to be flexible. Persian architecture displays great variety, both structural and aesthetic, developing gradually and coherently out of prior traditions and experience. This Persian building is lucid, eloquent, and characterized by unity, continuity, and emotional character as well. The combination of intensity and simplicity of form provides immediacy. The most striking Persian designs found in this building are a marked feeling for scale, the consistency of decorative preferences, the high-arched portal set within a recess, and columns with bracket capitals. Persian architecture displays great variety: “some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen” it’s a genius for its decoration with a freedom and success not rivaled in any other architecture.


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